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CoDoc19 🤖

CoDoc19 is a telegram bot which helps to let you know more about COVID-19.

Install ⚙️

The telegram handler is @CoDoc19Bot. So just go to telegram app and start interacting with it 👨‍💻

Features / Commands

To start interacting with the bot 🔰


After entering this command you will get the available commands

Corona Test 🌡

To check the likelihood of having COVID 19 📋


With this test you can quickly check the likelihood of having Covid-19. This test is regularly updated and based on the recommendations of certified health organizations. It is purely intended to provide guidance and is not an official diagnosis.

QA 👨‍⚕️

Provide trustworthy answers to questions about COVID-19 via NLP

People have many questions about COVID-19, answers are scattered on different websites, finding the right answers takes a lot of time and trustworthiness of answers is hard to judge. So we created a QA feature. The model is currently in it's learning phase. This may result in matching of wrong question. I believe this will be improved in time.

Quiz 🦉

To check if you're taking the correct protective measures against COVID-19.


Several questions with options. You have to choose the right answer to ensure you have been good in taking measures 🤛

  1. To get current statistics of death, cases, recoveries etc. 📈

Statistics 📊


To get statistics related to death, active cases and recovered cases. Both global level and country wise.

Global 🌍

To get global statistics, you just have to pass the /stats command

Country-wise 🗺

To get country-wise statistics, pass country name with /stats command. eg /stats India

PRO TIP : You can directly pass country name or country code without /stats. eg try India 😉

Charts 📉

You can also generate charts for both global and country stats 😎. Simply click the chart button to generate a chart.


  • Build web interface
  • Build facebook bot

Contributing 🤝

  1. 🍴 Fork this repo!
  2. HACK AWAY! 🔨🔨🔨
  3. 🔃 Create a new pull request.

Feel free to contribute to this project and treat it like your own. 😊

Contributors 🕺

Thanks to 🤗

License 📄

Apache 2.0


CoDoc19 is a telegram bot which helps to let you know more about COVID-19.







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