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1 Announcement
The GNUstep Makefile Package version 2.6.2 is now available.
1.1 What is the GNUstep makefile package?
The makefile package is a simple, powerful and extensible way to write
makefiles for a GNUstep-based project. It allows the user to write a
project without having to deal with the complex issues associated with
configuration, building, installation, and packaging. It also allows
the user to easily create cross-compiled binaries.
1.2 Changes in version `2.6.2'
Added standalone filesystem layout for putting everything in one
directory for easy deployment of relocatable. Other bug fixes.
1.3 Obtaining gnustep-make
You can get the gstep-make-2.6.2.tar.gz distribution file at
Please log bug reports on the GNUstep project page
`' or send bug reports to
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