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The TeaServlet allows dynamic web pages to be created by Tea templates. Tea is a language designed specifically for text formatting, and the TeaServlet uses it to enforce separation between actual web page design and application logic.

TeaServlet User Manual

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Tea requires a host environment in order to run, and the TeaServlet is just that. Compilation support is also integrated, making it a complete Tea environment. A set of administration pages is provided that allows templates to be recompiled and safely reloaded.

The TeaServlet is designed to work with the Servlet API, version 2.5 or higher, and it requires a Java 1.5+ environment. It is easily configured into any servlet engine, just like any other servlet.

Development using TeaServlet works best for projects run by small teams of developers and technical producers. A developer’s role is the creation of applications, written in Java, which are installed into the TeaServlet. A producer creates and maintains the final appearance of dynamic web pages by writing Tea templates that call upon functions provided by the developer’s applications.