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go2xunit fails to parse test output #12

bfallik opened this Issue · 6 comments

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We run go2xunit across several packages like so:

  go test -v pkg1 pkg2 pkg3... | go2xunit

Recently go2xunit failed to parse the test output, spitting out the error "error: orphan output:". Here is sample test output showing the failure:

If we reorder the tests (e.g. pkg3, pkg1, pkg2 ...) go2xunit parses the output fine. Here is sample test output for the same packages, just reordered, which go2xunit can parse:

I'm not sure what's going on but it seems like the parser is getting confused for certain test output.


Thanks for reporting. I'll try to take a look soon, however pretty busy this week (moved to a new country ...)


Congrats (?) on the move. Let me know if I can help provide more info on this.


Which version are you running? I tried your output with 0.2.8 and it seems to work.


$ ./bin/go2xunit -version
Let me upgrade and re-try.


@tebeka Yep, upgrading seems to have addressed it. Sorry for the noise.

@tebeka tebeka closed this
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