Error "orphan line" on build failure #8

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go2xunit doesn't generate xml output when at least one package failed to build. Is it possible to handle such type of error?

go test output:

=== RUN TestUrlJoin
--- PASS: TestUrlJoin (0.00 seconds)
ok      common  0.002s
FAIL    node/config [build failed]
$ go2xunit -bamboo=true -input go.out
error: 5: orphan line

P.S. I didn't find in JUnit xsd how to mark "testsuite" as failed or errored.


you could check go test's errorlevel (if something fails it will be non zero), is not very specific but at least you will know something went wrong


@gato Yes, I can. I opened this issue to show, that go2xunit can't convert go test output with build failure to xml. May be go2xunit should print more specific error message...


Thanks for reporting. I agree and will work on this soon.

Patches always welcomed 😉


@tebeka ok :)

@tebeka tebeka closed this Feb 20, 2014
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