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macOS Mojave Set Desktop Image


Set a user's Desktop image in macOS Mojave 10.14 from the command line. See Limitations


An explanation for why this script does what it does can be found at Setting the Desktop Image in Macos Mojave From the Command Line


[bash] /path/to/ <desktop image>


HEIF (.heic) images

Mojave Dynamic

[bash] /path/to/ mojave

Mojave Light (Still)

[bash] /path/to/ light

Mojave Dark (Still)

[bash] /path/to/ dark

Solar Gradients

[bash] /path/to/ solar

non-HEIF (.heic) images

High Sierra

[bash] /path/to/ "/Library/Desktop Pictures/High Sierra.jpg"

Ink Cloud

[bash] /path/to/ "/Library/Desktop Pictures/Ink Cloud.jpg"



[bash] /path/to/ default

Error Messages

Not running macOS Mojave

ERROR: For use with macOS Mojave 10.14.x only.

No Desktop image passed on the command line

ERROR: No image was specified.

Supplied Desktop image is a file that doesn't exist

ERROR: '/path/to/desktop/image.jpg' doesn't exist.

Invalid option passed on the command line

ERROR: 'option' is not a valid option.

Attempt to reset a database other than desktoppicture.db to the default

ERROR: The 'default' option is only appropriate when the database is ~/Library/Application Support/Dock/desktoppicture.db

Possible dual-monitor environment detected

ERROR: This script should not be used in a dual-monitor environment.

Two or more Desktops (Spaces) detected

ERROR: This script should not be used when multiple Desktops (Spaces) are configured.


Works only with a single Desktop (Space) in a single-display environment.

Not for use with multiple Desktops (Spaces) or in a dual-display environment.