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Why a Tech2 Wiki?

We believe in the freedom of information and open and equal access to information for everyone. Working with the Tech2 device requires some knowledge on the device and the TECH2WIKI community makes an effort to provide this.

The aim is to have an audience ranging from beginner (n00b), subject matter expert (pro) to all-round specialist (genius). We welcome everyone whom has experience and possibly own a Tech2 to help us to document the Tech2 functions and features.

The goal of this wiki is to provide documentation based on real life experience with the Tech2 device and the Techline computer. This means that every action should be easily reproducible using the hardware and software as documented.

Please join the [TECH2WIKI.COM team on GitHub]({{ site.repo }}) and our Facebook group – Tech2 Owners’ club for sharing our knowledge.

Table of contents

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