Allows you test how you can alter your coffee drinking habits to save towards a specific amount
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Savings Goal Simulator

This application servers as an illustration for the tutorial series "Creating Rich Interactive Web Apps With KnockOut.js".

The simulator helps us figuring out how we can tweak our coffee consumption habits to save a given amount of money over a period of time.

  • Part 1 introduces the concepts for the app
  • Part 2 starts the basic foundation for the application
  • Part 3 expands the application significantly (hierarchical view models, custom subscriptions, multi-attributes data-bind declarations, etc.)
  • Part 4 focuses on extracting the 3 views into external files which can be loaded using jQuery ViewLoader, and enhancing the view mediators to support dynamic view loading

You can see what the app looks like (and its state of implementation) at the end of each tutorial on the demo site: