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(ns tech.opencv
(:require [tech.resource.stack :as stack]
[tech.resource :as resource]
[clojure.core.matrix.protocols :as mp]
[tech.datatype.base :as dtype-base]
[tech.datatype :as dtype]
[tech.datatype.javacpp :as jcpp-dtype]
[ :as unsigned]
[tech.datatype.jna :as dtype-jna]
[clojure.set :as c-set]
[clojure.core.matrix :as m])
(:refer-clojure :exclude [load])
(:import [org.bytedeco.javacpp opencv_core
opencv_imgcodecs opencv_core$Mat
opencv_imgproc opencv_core$Size]))
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(set! *unchecked-math* :warn-on-boxed)
(def opencv-type->channels-datatype-map
{opencv_core/CV_8SC1 {:n-channels 1
:datatype :int8}
opencv_core/CV_8SC2 {:n-channels 2
:datatype :int8}
opencv_core/CV_8SC3 {:n-channels 3
:datatype :int8}
opencv_core/CV_8SC4 {:n-channels 4
:datatype :int8}
opencv_core/CV_8UC1 {:n-channels 1
:datatype :uint8}
opencv_core/CV_8UC2 {:n-channels 2
:datatype :uint8}
opencv_core/CV_8UC3 {:n-channels 3
:datatype :uint8}
opencv_core/CV_8UC4 {:n-channels 4
:datatype :uint8}
opencv_core/CV_16SC1 {:n-channels 1
:datatype :int16}
opencv_core/CV_16SC2 {:n-channels 2
:datatype :int16}
opencv_core/CV_16SC3 {:n-channels 3
:datatype :int16}
opencv_core/CV_16SC4 {:n-channels 4
:datatype :int16}
opencv_core/CV_16UC1 {:n-channels 1
:datatype :uint16}
opencv_core/CV_16UC2 {:n-channels 2
:datatype :uint16}
opencv_core/CV_16UC3 {:n-channels 3
:datatype :uint16}
opencv_core/CV_16UC4 {:n-channels 4
:datatype :uint16}
opencv_core/CV_32SC1 {:n-channels 1
:datatype :int32}
opencv_core/CV_32SC2 {:n-channels 2
:datatype :int32}
opencv_core/CV_32SC3 {:n-channels 3
:datatype :int32}
opencv_core/CV_32SC4 {:n-channels 4
:datatype :int32}
opencv_core/CV_32FC1 {:n-channels 1
:datatype :float32}
opencv_core/CV_32FC2 {:n-channels 2
:datatype :float32}
opencv_core/CV_32FC3 {:n-channels 3
:datatype :float32}
opencv_core/CV_32FC4 {:n-channels 4
:datatype :float32}
opencv_core/CV_64FC1 {:n-channels 1
:datatype :float64}
opencv_core/CV_64FC2 {:n-channels 2
:datatype :float64}
opencv_core/CV_64FC3 {:n-channels 3
:datatype :float64}
opencv_core/CV_64FC4 {:n-channels 4
:datatype :float64}})
(def channels-datatype->opencv-type-map
(c-set/map-invert opencv-type->channels-datatype-map))
(defn acceptable-image-params?
[datatype shape]
(and (sequential? shape)
(= 3 (count shape))
(let [[height width chans] shape
opencv-code (get channels-datatype->opencv-type-map
{:n-channels chans
:datatype datatype})]
(boolean opencv-code))))
(defmacro thrownil
[x message map]
`(if-let [x# ~x]
(throw (ex-info ~message ~map))))
(defn opencv-type->channels-datatype
"Given an opencv type map to
{:n-channels num-channels
:datatype datatype}"
(thrownil (get opencv-type->channels-datatype-map opencv-type)
"Failed to map from opencv type to channels and datatype"
{:opencv-type opencv-type}))
(defn channels-datatype->opencv-type
"Map from n-channels and datatype -> opencv type"
^long [n-channels datatype]
(thrownil (get channels-datatype->opencv-type-map {:n-channels n-channels
:datatype datatype})
"Failed to map from chanels datatype -> opencv type"
{:n-channels n-channels
:datatype datatype}))
(declare new-mat)
(extend-type opencv_core$Mat
(release-resource [item] (.release item) (.deallocate item))
(dimensionality [m] (count (mp/get-shape m)))
(get-shape [m] [(.rows m) (.cols m) (.channels m)])
(is-scalar? [m] false)
(is-vector? [m] true)
(dimension-count [m dimension-number]
(let [shape (mp/get-shape m)]
(if (<= (count shape) (long dimension-number))
(get shape dimension-number)
(throw (ex-info "Array does not have specific dimension"
{:dimension-number dimension-number
:shape shape})))))
(element-count [m] (apply * (mp/get-shape m)))
(get-datatype [m] (-> (.type m)
(from-prototype [item datatype shape]
(if (acceptable-image-params? datatype shape)
(let [[height width channels] shape]
(new-mat height width channels :dtype datatype))
(dtype-base/from-prototype (dtype-jna/->typed-pointer item) datatype shape)))
(->ptr-backing-store [item] (jcpp-dtype/set-pointer-limit-and-capacity
(.ptr item)
(mp/element-count item))))
(defn new-mat
^opencv_core$Mat [height width n-channels & {:keys [dtype]
:or {dtype :uint8}}]
(opencv_core$Mat. (int height)
(int width)
n-channels dtype))))
(defn load
"Note you can call clojure.core.matrix/shape and tech.datatype.base/get-datatype
to figure out what was loaded."
^opencv_core$Mat [^String path]
(resource/track (opencv_imgcodecs/imread path)))
(defn save
[^opencv_core$Mat img ^String path]
(opencv_imgcodecs/imwrite path img)
(def resize-algo-kwd->opencv-map
:linear opencv_imgproc/CV_INTER_LINEAR
:cubic opencv_imgproc/CV_INTER_CUBIC
;;Pixel area averaging
:area opencv_imgproc/CV_INTER_AREA
;;Lanczos with a 4x4 filter
:lanczos opencv_imgproc/CV_INTER_LANCZOS4
;;Nearest Neighbor
:nn opencv_imgproc/CV_INTER_NN})
(defn resize-algo-kwd->opencv
^long [resize-algo]
(thrownil (get resize-algo-kwd->opencv-map resize-algo)
"Failed to map resize algo to opencv"
{:resize-algorithm resize-algo}))
(defn size
^opencv_core$Size [width height]
(opencv_core$Size. (int width) (int height)))
(defn resize-imgproc
"Use improc resize method directly."
[^opencv_core$Mat src-img
^opencv_core$Mat dest-img
(let [[new-height new-width n-chans] (m/shape dest-img)
new-width (int new-width)
new-height (int new-height)]
(opencv_imgproc/resize src-img dest-img
(size new-width new-height)
0.0 0.0
(resize-algo-kwd->opencv resize-algorithm-kwd))))
(defn resize
"Resize the source image producing a new image."
([src-img new-width new-height {:keys [resize-algorithm] :as options}]
(let [[src-height src-width n-channels] (m/shape src-img)
retval (new-mat new-height new-width n-channels
:dtype (dtype/get-datatype src-img))
resize-algorithm (or resize-algorithm
(if (> (int new-width)
(int src-width))
(resize-imgproc src-img retval resize-algorithm)
([src-img new-width new-height]
(resize src-img new-width new-height {}))
([src-img new-width]
(let [[src-height src-width chans] (m/shape src-img)
ratio (/ (double new-width) (double src-width))
new-height (-> (* (double src-height) ratio)
(resize src-img new-width new-height))))
(defn clone
(dtype/clone src-img))