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(ns tech.opencv-compute-test
(:require [tech.opencv :as opencv]
[tech.compute.tensor :as ct]
[tech.resource :as resource]
[clojure.test :refer :all]
[tech.compute.cpu.tensor-math :as cpu-tm]
[tech.opencv-test :as opencv-test]
[tech.compute.tensor.operations :as op]
[tech.datatype.jna :as dtype-jna]))
(deftest bgr-test
(let [test-image (opencv/load "test/data/test.jpg")
;;Select is in-place so this did not change the image at all.
bgr-image (ct/select test-image :all :all [2 1 0])
dest-tens (ct/clone bgr-image)]
;;The tensor library has the convention that the thing that is mutated
;;is the first thing. Also the thing that is mutated is returned from
;;the function.
(ct/assign! test-image dest-tens)
(opencv/save test-image "bgr.jpg"))))
(deftest lighten-bgr-test
(let [test-image (opencv/load "test/data/test.jpg")]
(ct/assign! test-image (-> test-image
(ct/select :all :all [2 1 0])
(ct/clone :datatype :uint16)
(op/+ 50)
;;Clamp top end to 0-255
(op/min 255)))
(opencv/save test-image "bgr-lighten.jpg"))))
(deftest smooth-image-flow
(-> (opencv/load "test/data/test.jpg")
(op// 2)
(opencv/save "tensor_darken.jpg"))))