RAII resource management system
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Clojars Project

Generic thread-safe and exception-safe non-gc or 'off heap' resource management.

There is some more information on our blog.

;;create the file
(defn new-random-file
  (resource/track (RandomAccessFile. fname) #(.close item)))

;;Use it
  (let [f (new-random-file fname)]

;;Similar to with-open, this will close the file regardless
;;of what happens.  The advantage is this can map to anything
;;you can implement the resource protocol with meaning network sockets,
;;JNI pointers, GPU contexts, etc.  It is also possible to have the
;;gc track something if the dispose functionality does not reference
;;the item itself.

(let [f (resource/track (double-array [1 2 3]) #(println "disposed") :gc)]
;;Disposed will print when the gc determines the double array is no longer

There are now explicit methods to create either a weak or soft reference. For the differences, see here.


Checkout the stack and gc tests.

Or take a giant leap and check out tvm-clj.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version. Complements of Tech Ascent, LLC.