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Raspberry pi jukebox I made for the kids
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Noddy jukebox for raspberry pi (also works on a mac)

The kids made me build this.

"Here's how a jukebox works, Daddy: you press some numbers and it plays songs. Then you write all the songs down in a book, ok?"

So, this is a simple thing where you press some numbers and it plays some songs. I haven't written them down yet.

running it

It requires libvlc.


$ python music_folder

To play a song type the two digit album_id and then the two digit song_id. You can play the whole album by using 00 as the song_id. Type a full-stop '.' to stop playing or to erase a number. Type 'q' to quit.

the music folder

The music folder needs to be structured as follows:

  • [album_id] album name/
    • [song_id] song name.[mp3|mp4]

So, given

  • 50 Some Album/
    • 01 First Song.mp3
    • 02 Secong Song.mp3

5001 would play First Song and 5002 Second Song and 5000 The whole album. See, easy?

Clearly it only supports 100 albums (00-99)

optional LCD display

If the environment variable USE_LCD is set, the status output is written to the serial port /dev/ttyAMA0 - which is where I've attached a serial two character LCD display to the Raspberry PI.

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