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My First Assignment

Cloud Laptops and Team Collaboration

Due: February 28th, 2019

Hello guys, Mr. Chris here! I hope you haven't had too much trouble finding this markdown document. I also sent a paper hard copy home that has all the same information.

Our Objectives:

Objective A)

Github icon

At home I want you to connect to your Laptop in the Cloud! You will need a computer, but it doesn't matter if it's a Windows computer, or an Apple computer.

  • Open up your favorite web browser

  • Navigate to the webpage

  • Click on your link that is listed under the heading AUTHORIZED USERS

  • You should now see a login page that says Amazon on it.

  • There will be THREE fields that you need to fill in

    • Account ID or alias
    • IAM user name
    • Password
  • On your piece of paper you took home you will find the Account ID, IAM user name and the class password

  • Click the blue button that says Sign In

  • If everything is correct, you should be signed in!

  • I get an error when I try to login? - No worries, sent me an email at and I can take a look at your password. Also make sure the caps lock button isn't on by accident! :)

  • After I log in to my account, I don't see Cloud 9, where did it go? - If you don't see Cloud 9 you should have loaded into what is called the AWS Console. In the top left area there should be a button Services. Click that, and look for Cloud 9! After you click Cloud 9 you should see your workspace and be able to click the OPEN IDE button to open your Cloud 9 Editor aka Your Personal Laptop In The Cloud!

All I want you to do is get logged in. You should see the exact same layout, and set up that you see when you login at WEMS on the Chromebooks. Mess around with some of your code, and try to RUN it! Anything that you are able to do in class, you can do at home! When you aren't using your workspace it goes to sleep, and each time you log back into your account, it wakes up so you can use it!

Objective B

Slack icon

You have learned over the last couple weeks about Github, an online community of coders! Instead of sharing cat pictures, and memes... they share code! By using Github for our class, it makes it super duper easy for every student to work on the website. And as you saw in Objective A you can even make changes from your house, on your own computer! It's really like your own personal computer just sitting in the Clouds, taking a nap until you need to type up some code and it wakes up!

Another tool that we use to collaborate on our code is a chat messaging web application called Slack. Think of Slack as like the e-mail of the future, as it gives us tons of more features than e-mail does. The ones we will be using will allow us to better communicate and collaborate on our website, and session project.

For our class, we will have a classroom private Slack channel. Being private, this channel will be completely locked down, and the only members will be your classmates, Mr. Chris, and Mr. Wray! We will be building a new artificial member that actually will be joining us in our classroom Slack channel in a couple weeks! So look out for him, a message in the channel notifying everyone that he has joined.

What You Will Need:

  • An E-MAIL ADDRESS, you can use your parents, or set one up with your parents that you share with them! It doesn't matter where this e-mail address lives, G-Mail, Outlook, iCloud, any of them work!
  • That's it!

This assignment the only thing that I want you to bring back into class is your e-mail address.

We will spend the beginning of Class 2 sending an invite to all the students. And for Homework #2 you will accept that invitation at home with your parents!

Give yourself a pat on the back, you did it!

You have now just gotten set up on two REAL applications that developers around the world use EVERY single day to collaborate, and write code

HELP ME!!! - Please don't hesitate to e-mail me if you run into any issues or weird errors. You can reach me at the e-mail address

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