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Earth Observation Project - SNAP-Python Repository

This repository contains the interactive tutorials in the form of Jupyter Notebooks that serve as training material to learn Image Processing in Python and exploiting the official ESA open source toolbox called SNAP.

Each tutorial is included in its own folder that contains all the files required to properly run the associated Jupyter Notebook.

The user should download the git repository and run the notebook under his Jupyter installation.

In order to provide a complete explanation of the topics each Jupyter Notebook is provided with its PDF version that allows the user to look at all the contents without running any line of Python code.

Once the user will have his own account he will be able to download the product by using the link that is provided in the tutorial.

How to access the Sentinels data products

Each tutorial provides the link to a selected Sentinel data product that the user has to download before running the Jupyter Notebooks.

For this reason it is first necessary to create an account and get a registration to access the official Sentinels Scientific Data Hub

Once the user has his own account he will be able to download the product by using the tutorial's link.

Each product is provided as a zip archive so it will be necessary to extract the whole product.

A standard choice is to put the complete product in the installation directory of the Desktop version of SNAP.

When all these instructions will have been successfully completed, the user will be able to properly run each available tutorial.

Installation and configuration of the Python module for SNAP (snappy)

All the instructions required for a successful configuration of Python and its SNAP module can be found on the dedicated article at TechForSpace

For Python support or for any technical problem with the Jupyter Notebooks, the official Tech for Space contacts can be found in the official page of the project.

If you are looking for additional information about the installation of snappy, please refer to the official dedicated page on the SNAP Developer Guide website.

You can also contact us for additional questions through our website or using this address: contact at


The source code of our tutorials is available under the MIT license, about which you can find more information here. The documentation associated to the tutorials is available under the Creative Commons License 4.0 (CC BY 4.0), presented in details on the official website.