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Soft Widget Market

Repository for Soft Widget Market Alexa Skill.

Interaction Model

Alexa skill has an interaction model defining the words and phrases users can say to make the skill do what they want.

Lambda Function

Intents use to call Lambda Functions to process the requests based on the given inputs. Lambda Function is a compute service provided by AWS and, runs only when required.

Launching Alexa Skills Console

Here is the link to launch Alexa Skill's Developer Console.

Voice Commands

Skill Wake Phrase

  • Invocation: open soft widget market


Intents are the handlers that are invoked against the utterances.

Intent [AboutCompany]

  • what is the company about
  • Tell me about the company

Intent [GetProduct]

  • product
  • about product
  • what is the product about
  • what is the product
  • tell me more about the product

Intent [PlaceOrder]

  • place order

Intent [ModifyOrder]

  • change my order
  • modify order {order_number}
  • update order {order_number}

Intent [CancelOrder]

  • cancel my order
  • cancel order {order_number}

Intent [InfoOrder]

  • show orders
  • show me all orders
  • fetch all orders
  • fetch orders
  • get orders
  • get all orders

Intent [GetOrder]

  • order number {order_number}
  • what's the status of order with order number {order_number}
  • tell me about order number {order_number}
  • get order with order number {order_number}


Soft Widget Market Alexa Skill



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