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Python MooseFS Bindings

When I first started using MooseFS, the only means of monitoring it was using the included web interface. Unfortunately, this caused difficulty in using 3rd party utilities to monitor the Moose, and provide things like alerts and archived statistics. In speaking with a more advanced user, an API was already in demand, but had not yet been produced. So I opened up the Python code for the Web UI and started ripping off functionality from it, and putting it into a stand-alone Python library.

It should be noted that I have done this with only a limited understanding of both Python and MooseFS, and that large portions of the code in my library have been taken directly from the Web UI that ships with MooseFS. Thankfully, the GPL allows for this sort of thing, so long as I tell you where I got the code from. You can download the most recent version of MooseFS from: