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Workshop Guidelines

Thank you so much for providing a workshop to the SPARK Learnathon! You are giving regional high school students an amazing opportunity! We know you are busy and planning a workshop may seem daunting, but it’s really your presence and interaction with the students that is key. Here are a few guidelines to consider:

  • Be sure to introduce yourself and share a little bit about what you do and how you got to where you are now. Students really know so little about real-world opportunities in computing/IT.
  • Let your learners know what they’re going to learn. Give them a goal to work towards in your workshop, and assure them that you’ve planned your session to support them in getting there.
  • Make it interactive and participatory. Introduce an idea and then get students to do something with it as soon as possible. We really want the students to get as much hands-on experience as possible whether that is coding, brainstorming ideas, completing design challenges, Q&A, etc.
  • Help students make connections between what you’re teaching in your workshop and the real world.
  • The students should all have laptops and we’ll have Wi-Fi, but as with all things tech, expect the unexpected. Have Plan B ready. How would you teach the same ideas and skills offline?
  • If your workshop requires installing software (open/free, cross-platform only), be sure to allow time & be prepared to provide instructions for getting their environment setup in your workshop. Contact by mid-January with specific installation requests.
  • The hackathon has students from 9th thru 12th grade with a wide range of prior computing knowledge and experience. The workshops are meant to introduce new concepts and we have found most students, especially those who self-select for events like this, to be speedy learners when it comes to computer science. You will also have students who are familiar with the concepts - they will be invaluable in helping you assist others.
  • You will have access to a projector and whiteboard. Contact by mid-January if there is any other material you require.
  • Provide some next steps like links to online resources for those whose interest has been sparked to learn more.
  • Have fun:)

Workshop Example

Intro to HTML, CSS & JavaScript


During this workshop you will get you hands on with the building blocks of the web: HTML, CSS & JavaScript. By becoming web literate, you will be empowered to build web pages that reflect your own unique and creative style.

Learning Objectives

  • Insert hyperlinks into a web page
  • Embed multimedia content into a web page
  • Identify & use HTML tags to add content to a web page
  • Identify & use CSS tags to change the style and layout of a web page
  • Identify & use openly-licensed work
  • Identify & use JavaScript to add interactivity to a web page

What You’ll Make

You'll remix existing Thimble pages while you learn some HTML, CSS & JavaScript.