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MonoRemoteDebugger enables linux remote debugging using Visual Studio 2015.

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Download MonoRemoteDebugger.Server on the linux machine.


Extract MonoRemoteDebugger.Server

unzip -d MonoRemoteDebugger.Server

Run MonoRemoteDebugger.Server on the linux machine.

cd MonoRemoteDebugger.Server

mono MonoRemoteDebugger.Server.exe

Install MonoRemoteDebugger extension. You can find also in the Visual Studio Gallery.

Run Visual Studio 2015.

Toolbar -> MonoRemoteDebugger -> Debug with Mono (remote)

Type remote IP Address .

Click Connect button.

Then the program will run and hit the breakpoint which you set on Visual Studio.

Enjoy you debugging.

Known Issue

Not supported breakpoint on user thread.

Not supported Visual Basic.

Version History

This project is based on MonoDebugger. Thanks to Christian Giesswein.