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# Contributing
## What can I contribute?
- Fix a bug you found or already reported on the [GitHub Issues Tracker](
- Add new features to the project.
- Add new test cases.
- Add documentation
- Add a demo page
- [Donate]( money for the project on [Paypal](
## How to contribute code
Here are the basic steps to get started contributing:
1. Fork the [repo]( and get development running on your computer.
2. Replicate the issue you're trying to fix or spec out the feature you're trying to add.
3. Change the code to fix the bug or add the feature. All changes should happen in the relevant `src/js/*.js` and `src/css/*.css` files.
4. Build the code by running `npm run build` or `gulp build`
5. Run the test cases by running `npm test` or `gulp test`, you can also add more test cases based on your new change.
6. Verify that your fix or feature works.
7. Commit your changes with an informative description
8. Open a pull request to the [repo]( with your new commit and a descriptive message about what the PR does.
## Reporting bugs
### Make sure it is a bug related to this project
Before reporting the bug, please make sure that the bug is in the project and not from your own code or any other library used.
### Try the latest version
Bugs in the older versions of the project may have already been fixed.
In order to avoid reporting known issues, make sure you are always testing against the latest release.
Also make sure the problem hasn't already been reported on the [GitHub Issues Tracker](
If not, create a new issue there and include your test case.
### Notes for pull request
- Follow the same code style as the library.
- Run the test suites in the `test` directory first by running `npm test` or `gulp test`.
- Don't modify any files in the `dist` directory.
@@ -1,22 +1,72 @@
# jQuery SmartCart 3
# jQuery Smart Cart 3
#### The smart interactive jQuery Shopping Cart plugin with PayPal payment support.
[GitHub Issues](
jQuery Smart Cart is the smart interactive *jQuery Shopping Cart plugin* with *PayPal* payment support. It can create an interactive and user friendly shopping cart with minimal code. It has built-in support for *Form* submit, *Ajax* submit and *PayPal* submit of the cart items. A lot of customization options and custom events makes it easy to implement your requirements. It can integrate with your existing shopping list very easily and you can use your own css or use the default *Bootstrap*.
+ [First Look Demo](
The new version *jQuery Smart Cart 3* is completely rewritten from scratch and adopted the modern patterns. It is more powerful, robust, scalable and customizable. A lot of features is added like Bootstrap support, theme support, customizable toolbars, customization options, public methods, event support and a lot more.
See the list of [features](, [demos]( and [documentation]( for more details.
+ [Homepage](
+ [Documentation](
+ [Demos](
![First shot](
+ [Basic Example](
+ [PayPal Cart Example](
![Smart Cart Screenshot1](
![Smart Cart Screenshot2](
![Smart Cart Screenshot3](
+ [Bootstrap 3+](
+ [jQuery](
+ [jQuery]( (supports jQuery 1.9+, jQuery 2+, jQuery 3+)
Installation and usage
### [NPM](
npm install jquery-smartcart
### Bower
bower install jquery-smartcart
### [Composer](
composer require techlab/jquery-smartcart
### Download
#### [Download from GitHub](
Please see the [documentation]( for more deatils on implementation and usage.
+ In-built PayPal, Ajax and form submit methods
+ Bootstrap support
+ Heavily customizable toolbar, option to add extra buttons
+ Theme support
+ Customizable css styles
+ Public methods for external function call
+ Enhanced event support
+ Compatible with latest jQuery versions (jQuery 1.9+, jQuery 2+, jQuery 3+)
+ Easy to implement, Minimal HTML required
+ Clean and compact design
+ Automatically calculates subtotal
+ Quantity is editable from the cart list
+ Product Image display
+ Customizable cart templates
+ Customizable currency formatting option
+ Pre-populate products on cart on load
+ and a lot more...
**SmartCart v3-Beta1**
**SmartCart v3.0.1**
[MIT License](
[MIT License](
@@ -0,0 +1,39 @@
"name": "jquery-smartcart",
"version": "v3.0.1",
"homepage": "",
"authors": [
"Dipu Raj <>"
"description": "The smart interactive jQuery Shopping Cart plugin with PayPal payment support",
"main": [
"keywords": [
"dependencies": {
"jquery": ">= 1.9.0",
"bootstrap": ">= 3.0.0"
"license": "MIT",
"ignore": [
@@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
"name": "techlab/jquery-smartcart",
"description": "The smart interactive jQuery Shopping Cart plugin with PayPal payment support",
"homepage": "",
"license": "MIT",
"support": {
"source": "",
"issues": "",
"docs": ""
"keywords": [
"authors": [
"name": "Dipu Raj",
"email": "",
"homepage": ""
"require": {
"components/jquery": ">=1.9",
"components/bootstrap": ">=3.0.0"
@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@
// Default options
var defaults = {
cart: [], // initial products in cart
resultName: 'cart_list',
cart: [], // initial products on cart
resultName: 'cart_list', // Submit name of the cart parameter
theme: 'default', // theme for the cart, related css need to include for other than default theme
combineProducts: true, // combine similar products on cart
highlightEffect: true, // highlight effect on adding/updating product in cart
@@ -315,7 +315,7 @@
// Trigger "quantityUpdate" event
this._triggerEvent("quantityUpdate", [mi.cart[i], qty]);
this._triggerEvent("quantityUpdated", [mi.cart[i], qty]);
return false;
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