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Thunder Plains Developer Conference 2015

Thunderplains Banner

The site:

Thunder Plains 2015

Our conference is a 1 day 3 track community-run event at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, OK

🎫 Purchase a Ticket

Tickets are on sale! Purchase them here, on

Type Price About
Ligthing 99 The first 30, these go fast!
Thunder 150 Through Aug 31
Regular Pass 175 Through nov 2nd
Herd 135 This is for groups larger than 5, through Nov 2nd

Tickets include food/snacks/non-alcoholic drinks at lunch time (11:30am-1pm), snack break (3-3:30pm) and at the optional after party (6:30-9pm). (After party attendance is completely optional and not required.)

💖: Help us make Thunder Plains Amazing!

Interested in Sponsoring Thunder Plains? Check out the Sponsorship Prospectus. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or @ThunderPlains on twitter.

🌐 Location

Located at the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City

Thunderplains Location

📆 Speaker Lineup

Speaker Topic Room Time Video
Ashley Williams If you wish to learn ES6/2015 from scratch, you must first invent the universe opening keynote 9:00am 🎥
Blaine Bublitz Maybe We Should Slow Down 10 3:30pm 🎥
Brian Blocker Not Rewriting Your Web App (at once) 8 1:00pm 🎥
Greg Tatum WebGL Now and Future 8 9:30am 🎥
Jakub Jedryszek Aurelia – Nex Gen js framework 8 10:30 🎥
Jenna Zeigen Server Farm to Table (Or How the Internet Works) 10 9:30am 🎥
Jonathan-David Dalton Unorthodox Performance 10 1:00pm 🎥
Jonathan Yarbor Using Node.js to Build your Transport Layer 9 9:30am 🎥
Jordan Garcia Building Games with React + Immutable + Flux 10 10:30am 🎥
Joshua Ogle Rapid Prototyping with Product Design Sprints 9 10:30am 🎥
Ken Dale Writing Better jQuery Infused JavaScript 8 1:30pm 🎥
Kyle-Simpson Breaking The Broken Web keynote 4:30pm 🎥
                  |                                                                                | 8               | 2:00pm  | :movie_camera:

Mariko Kosaka | World Wide Web Without …English | 10 | 2:00pm | 🎥 Matt Steele | Get to the CHOPVAR: Writing an ArnoldC-to-Javascript compiler in Javascript | 9 | 2:00pm | 🎥 Matthew Podwysocki | Async Javascript Netflix, Microsoft and the World! | 9 | 3:30pm | 🎥 Pawel Szymczykowski | JS in Near Space | 9 | 1:00pm | 🎥

🙌 Scholarship Opportunities

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn and grow, so we're offering 10 scholarships to attend Thunder Plains.

The Thunder Plains Scholarship Application Form

💌 Code of Conduct

Everyone deserves to attend a learning, community or professional event with a reasonable expectation of good behavior.

Our Code of Conduct (anti-harassment policy) is located at here We require all speakers, sponsors, and attendees to read and agree to its terms.

📧 Contact Us!

Twitter - @ThunderPlains

🎉 Organizers

We hope to see you there!

Thunderplains Organizers

Jesse Harlin / Amanda Harlin / Vance Lucas


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