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Super minimal MVC library
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Espresso.js is a tiny MVC library inspired by Backbone and React with a focus on simplicity and speed.

We've aimed to bring the ideas of unidirectional data flow of Flux to a simple, Backbone-style library.


  • tiny, less than 500 lines and 3kb gzipped
  • zero dependencies
  • performance and memory focused
  • does not aim to support anything below IE10, but may work on older browsers using a shim


Backbone-style docs can be found here

All documentation is automatically generated from docs/ using Bocco.

Getting Started

If you're using Browserify or Node/CommonJS, simply install the package:

$ sudo npm install --save espresso.js

Alternatively grab the standalone version that you can import with a <script> tag or checkout the GitHub Repo.

Now dive in and check out the To-Do Example app.


$ npm test


If you need to use this module outside a CommonJS environment, you can build a standalone UMD module as follows:

$ npm run build
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