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Techlore Affiliations

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has a bad rep and for good reason--they're frequently abused with little transparency behind their usage. However, affiliate marketing offers the utmost creative freedom to individuals without relying on a traditional sponsorship relationship where conflicts of interest may arise.

This document explains how we prevent conflicts of interest and maintain transparency behind what we recommend to our audience.

How We Choose Affiliates

The simplest form of affiliations we utilize our VPNs, but these have a separate explanation in the VPN repo as there is an additional systematic process layered above this document for an additional layer of transparency.

Our non-VPN affiliates are chosen by answering 5 questions:

  1. Would we genuinely recommend this to our friends and family?
  2. Who in our audience would benefit from this?
  3. Who in our audience would NOT benefit from this?
  4. Why is there a discrepancy, if any?
  5. Are we able address both the pros and cons when talking about this affiliate plan without misleading viewers?

If we answer these questions and feel a service is not only a positive experience, but is capable of being recommended without viewers misled--they may qualify as an affiliate.

Our Commitment

We will not allow our content or recommendations to be influenced by an affiliate plan. All our affiliate plans are opt-in, clearly labeled, and generally include non-affiliate standard links alongside them.

Our Current Affiliates

Here are our current affiliate plans:

(Updated May 11th, 2022)

Links above are the affiliate links themselves.

NOTE: We do NOT treat affiliate plans the same as sponsors. Please read our sponsorship protocol here.

But What If...

At any point in time, if we feel something changes, or our audience overwhelmingly doesn't agree with our decision, we hold every right and ability to cease the affiliate plan--as we have the freedom to do so by avoiding traditional sponsorship roles.