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Go Incognito Changelog

(Updated May 11, 2022)

Thank you for watching Go Incognito! This document includes any necessary changes or updates to the course to ensure all information stays relevant.

General Updates

  • Many users have asked or mentioned GDPR. Unfortunately, GDPR was passed after scripting for Go Incognito was complete. It would have required a massive amount of re-writing and delays to include GDPR throughout the course. Anyone affected by GDPR should research what it means for them, and keep this in mind as they watch Go Incognito—as some steps will be irrelevant with GDPR goggles.
  • Production in Sections 1 and 2 are subpar compared to Section 3 and beyond. Production for premium version(s) of Go Incognito Section 1-2 WILL be improved...although still not quite as good as Section 3 and beyond, as raw recordings issues can only be fixed so much. Long story short, expect to see some improvements in production in the premium course.

Section 1

Why Should You Care? | Lesson 2:

Any opposition to this is greeted by the response that if a person is doing anything wrong, they should have nothing to hide.
  • What I meant to say was:
Any opposition to this is greeted by the response that if a person is doing nothing wrong, they should have nothing to hide.

FOSS | Lesson 4:

  • Something I regret not mentioning about FOSS relates to the code and control companies/governments have over proprietary software. Just as mountains are natural architectural limitations found in nature, software and code have architectural limitations on what a user can/can’t do. With proprietary software, the user doesn’t know what these limitations are, but FOSS allows the community to understand what the software can and can’t do. Sure, Tesla’s have semi-automatic driving utilizing cameras around the car, but how do we know those cameras aren’t constantly collecting identifiable information about other cars around us? It is unlikely, but there’s no way to disprove the claim. With FOSS, we can disprove it. With FOSS, we know we aren’t being limited. With FOSS, we can’t be oppressed unknowingly.

Section 2

Erasing Your Local Identity | Lesson 3:

  • As important as making a lesson geared towards beginners can be, I have made the fatal mistake of failing to mention those of you already using Linux. This entire lesson, as well as the previous lesson (2.2) apply to Linux. BleachBit offers Linux support, just as it does for Windows.

Erasing Your Online Identity | Lesson 4:

  • Albine is a service shown in the lesson to automatically remove your information from people-searching websites. Please be aware this is NOT the only product that offers this service. For example, offers this functionality as well.

Section 3

Permissions and Settings | Lesson 3:

  • Tesla is mentioned to have a form where you opt-in to cellular communication with the vehicle. Please be aware their process has updated, and opting out MAY involve voiding your vehicle’s warranty and many other major concerns. The Techlore channel has covered this topic here: and will be covering this more in the future.

  • Uber gets picked on A LOT in this lesson, which sparks the question: What about Lyft? They are a smaller company, but this doesn’t protect everything from getting out. Lyft has also come under some fire, as seen in this article:

Passwords | Lesson 4:

Two-Factor Authentication | Lesson 5:

  • Authy is NOT FOSS. An empty GitHub isn’t open-sourcing your software, and it’s a shame this was mentioned as a FOSS service when it isn’t. (
  • Biggest mistake of Go Incognito so far: No mention to BACK UP YOUR 2FA CODES! I repeat...BACK UP 2FA CODES. This is a major headache in the event you lose the device holding your 2FA keys. Have you backed up your codes yet?
  • For an updated guide on TOTP for 2FA, check out this video on the Techlore channel.

Search Engines | Lesson 6:

  • Please note this lesson isn’t covering the ONLY search engines to use—it’s simply giving three commonly-recommended options. There are several other great privacy search engines, and more advanced users can make an educated decision on which one they trust most. The Techlore channel will cover other search engines more in-depth in the future. Update, here.
  • A beautiful thing about is they allow you to self-host it yourself. Underrated feature I failed to bring up.

What's the BEST browser | Lesson 7:

  • There was a study showing Brave phones home the least out of the box:
  • Firefox incorporates some heavy telemetry by default, specifically including Google into their mobile applications. This can all be opted out of, though you should know of its existence.
  • There have been many major updates to browsers, including LibreWolf, Arkenfox, Bromite, and much more. We recommend visiting our website's resources for the latest recommendations.

Hardening Your Browser | Lesson 8:

This the most out-of-date Go Incognito lesson! We strongly recommend using our newest Firefox hardening guide here. We also recommend referring to PrivacyGuides for the newest recommendations.

Antiviruses & Malware | Lesson 12:

  • Using mutiple real-time antiviruses is never recommended, though having a backup scanning-only tool is fine.

Section 3 Finale | Lesson 16:

  • There is a missing audio effect in the introduction. This will be fixed in the premium version of Go Incognito

Section 4

Cryptocurrencies | Lesson 6

  • This lesson recommends LocalBitcoin, which several users have expressed now require identification. It's recommended to strictly use Bisq, LocalMonero, or another KYC-free exchange.

Section 5

MAC | Lesson 3

  • Windows 10 has now introduced MAC Address randomization which may negate the need for some of the referenced tools in this lesson.
  • iOS 14 re-introduces MAC Address randomization
  • Newer versions of Android also include MAC address randomization

Section 6

Shopping Safely | Lesson 5

  • A user has mentioned that both MasterCard & VISA offer privacy opt-outs on their websites. This is another step users can take to shop a bit safer.