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IRCLogger is written in Python without using any third party modules.

Copyright, License and Authors

Copyright (c) 2012 Muneeb Shaikh License: GPLv3+



  • Parse the logfile and generate html page to display online.
    • option for dark and light theme
    • Filter to follow the discussion. e.g. To follow discussion between person X and person Y, add two text fields to filter other clutter.
    • Homepage displaying calender view, from where we can browse the previous logs.


  • Redesign the IRCLogBot class as IRCBot to contain basic minimum functionality of connecting, saving raw log, disconnecting.
    • Then create special Bots for particular work by inheriting from main IRCBot class
      • ClassBot (for conducting classroom sessions)
      • LogBot (for pure logging purpose, this is what we have now, still it does not log raw messages)
      • DictBot (ask a definition of word, it'll tell you definition, something of this type )
      • SearchBot (still thinking)
      • AIBot (heard of cleverbot?, something like that/similar)