Integration of Archive-It results via OpenSearch API into Ex Libris Primo discovery platform
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Title: Integration of Archive-It results via OpenSearch API with Ex Libris Primo

Created by:

Ido Peled
VP, Solutions and Marketing
Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company

Revised by:

Lily Pregill
Techne Library Consulting

Date: March 3, 2016

Background: This solution was developed by Ex Libris for the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC) to display [Archive-It] ( web archive results directly within the Primo user interface using the [OpenSearch API] ( NYARC's Primo instance is hosted by Ex Libris. Questions about the NYARC implementation can be sent to Lily Pregill, who consults as the NYARC Coordinator & Systems Manager. Thanks to Ido Peled for this development work and sharing the details here.

Overview of Integration:

screenshot of NYARC Discovery

The red arrow points to the checkbox that controls the display of the Archive-It results. The default setting is to include results, but this can be controlled in the HTML file (see Notes below). The user can easily toggle the results on or off.

The red box contains the Archive-It result. The number of results, icon image, links, and link text labels can be customized by editing the code in the HTML file.

Working Implementation: [NYARC Discovery] (


Step 1: Download the example archive-it.html file containing the javascript to call the API and CSS to display the results.

Step 2: Edit line 173 to include the institution’s Archive-It collection numbers:

var apiurl = "" + searchQuery.toLowerCase();

Collection number can be concatenated using the same i parameter and the & character in between the parameters. The example above shows 10 collections (4472, 4544, 2135, 4398, 4614, 4387, 4423, 4847, 4958, 4269)

Step 3: Edit the CSS to fit the look-and-feel of your Primo site.

Step 4: Save archive-it.html to the institution's Primo server under static_htmls. For hosted sites go to "Primo Backoffice > Primo Utilities > File Uploader" to upload the file.

Step 5: Open Primo BackOffice administrative interface

Step 6: Navigate to “Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Views Wizard”

Step 7: Open the relevant view for editing

Step 8: Click on Edit next to “Layout Set: Customize Layout” on the first screen

Step 9: Change the “Page” dropdown box to “Brief Display”

Step 10: Click on the "contentEXL - Div"

Step 11: Add a new tile using the "Add Tile" button on the right side of the screen

Step 12: Click on the "new tile" [it will be highlighted in orange.]

Step 13: Under Editing (tile) change the "content" dropdown box to "Custom Tile"

Step 14: Enter the URL of the "archive-it.html" file as placed under the static_htmls. For example:

Step 15: Continue to deploy the changes


To change default check-box behavior:

htmlText = "<tr id='resultsdiv' class='hideItems'>

remove class=’hideItems’ to default to displaying Archive-It results; also add checked to input element:

<input id="toggleImages" type="checkbox" name="toggleImages" value="off" class="uncheckable showhide" checked>