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PenTBox Tutorial

This repository is very old. I even didn't tried it for years. Hope someone send a good PR in Hacktoberfest2021 to update it.[No typo fix, REAL Update]

Pentbox is a safety kit containing various tools for streamlining PenTest conducting a job easily. It is programmed in Ruby and oriented to GNU / Linux, with support for Windows, MacOS and every systems where Ruby is installed.

How to Install

git clone

cd pentbox

tar -zxvf pentbox.tar.gz

cd pentbox


PenTBox Changelog

Version 1.8

New features:

  • Command execution in gets (STDIN) implemented. (!command)
  • Honeypot now shows attacker's IP and port (thx Shyish)
  • Ip grabber direct targeting from email: yahoo,gmail,hotmail & sites like facebook gmail ...etc
  • Included log options.
  • Wordlist is bigger now.
  • Included "back" option on menus. New tools:
  • Included new area, Web tools.
  • Included new module MAC address geolocation (
  • Included new module HTTP directory bruteforce.
  • Included new module HTTP common files bruteforce.
  • Included exploits for DoS [other/http] 3Com SuperStack Switch DoS [other/http] 3Com OfficeConnect Routers DoS (Content-Type) [windows/ftp] Windows 7 IIS7.5 FTPSVC UNAUTH'D DoS [windows/ftp] Solar FTP Server 2.1 DoS [windows/pptp] MS02-063 PPTP Malformed Control Data Kernel DoS [windows/smb] Windows Vista/7 SMB2.0 Negotiate Protocol Request DoS BSOD
  • Included pb_update.rb to update PenTBox from the SVN repository. Bugfixing:
  • Fixed issue with SHODAN API.
  • Deleted l33t speak and extra menu.
  • Improved permissions checking, now it's done by euid, not username (thx r4mosg)

Version 1.4 & 1.5

  • Code adapted to work with ruby1.9.x and jruby (more performance, native threads ...).

  • Optimized TCP port scanner, and ping check before scan.

  • Optimized hash_cracker.rb

  • Renewed interface with colors (only unix-like) and improvements.

  • Included RIPEMD-160 to Hash Password Cracker and Multi-Digest.

  • Added native mode in SYN DoS that uses Raw Sockets.

  • Added a new mode in the fuzzer -> HTTP headers client fuzzing.

  • Added protected mode -> Only root can use DoS tools, excellent for installations in servers.

  • Added a simple configuration in pentbox.rb for interface colors and protected mode.

  • Unified syn_dos.rb and tcp_dos.rb in one, net_dos.rb

  • Included pentbox-wlist.txt, that can be used with hash_cracker.rb

  • New libraries bit-struct, net/dns.rb and racket.

  • dns_search.rb included -> DNS and host gathering with NS, MX, SHODAN, A bruteforce and PTR IP range.

  • tcp_dos_auto.rb excluded - To prevent from evil script-kiddies.

  • fileencr.rb excluded - Crypto libraries was difficult to adapt, and the module was very slow. You can use openssl that is so much better and faster.

  • sec_im.rb excluded - It wasn't used and not pentesting related.

Version 1.3.2

  • FTP fuzzing improved and finished.
  • Improved CLI.
  • Improved files working.
  • Now the Honeypot log have a file by default.
  • Added a hping3-based mode to work in syn_dos.rb
  • Added Dictionary attack and Dictionary-bruteforce hybrid attack in hash_cracker.rb
  • Added SHA384 in digest.rb and hash_cracker.rb
  • Now modules integration is with modules and classes, this improve the portability and the performance but the modules can't be executed independently.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
  • Minor improvements.

Version 1.3.1

  • Added kB/s in TCP DoSer and TCP AutoDoSer.
  • Fixed bug in packets counter in TCP DoSers.
  • Updated readmes, now are more explicit and clear.
  • Code revision (optimization, no bugs founded).

Version 1.3

  • Added Crypt Ruby and RubyRc4 libraries.
  • Added GOST, ARC4 and Rijndael (aka AES) 256 bits ciphers to Secure IM.
  • Improvements in error exceptions and connection on Secure IM.
  • fileencr.rb included -> Files encryptor and decryptor that uses Rijndael 256 bits, GOST and ARC4 ciphers.
  • Included srand( function in programs that use random numbers.
  • Added "Packets per second" in TCP DoSer and TCP AutoDoSer.
  • Minor changes in titles of programs.

Version 1.2

  • Added "beep() when intrusion" option in Honeypot.
  • Added save log option in Honeypot.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Updated GNU/GPLv3 License to 2010.
  • Updated Readmes.
  • Two new banners at startup.
  • fuzzer.rb included -> Fuzzer to find vulnerabilities.
  • hexa.rb deleted -> In Internet are a lot of converters.
  • Now Secure password generator erases the variables from memory at the end.

Version 1.1

  • sec_im included -> Secure IM Client, more info in the program.
  • Improved Honeypot stability against DoS/DDoS Attacks.
  • Improved general ortography and graphics.
  • Added a lot of new code comments.
  • Deleted Spanish code comments.
  • Optimized tcp_dos.rb and tcp_dos_auto.rb
  • Fixed small bugs in hash_cracker.rb
  • hexa.rb included -> Hexadecimal converter.
  • Re-Maked Menus.
  • syn_dos.rb -> Modified Nmap installation and action command.

Version 1.0.1

  • Modified code to be clearest and more simple in all archives.
  • Added more error exceptions in Honeypot.
  • Modified Default Web configuration in Honeypot.
  • Fixed traduction problems in Readmes.
  • Modified Windows .bat Loader.
  • Base64 deleted from digest.rb and hash_cracker.rb
  • Added this changelog.txt in the pack.

Version 1.0

  • First version of the program.


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