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Soliah commented Aug 28, 2013

Did a cleanup of the gemspec, spec_helper and readme.

I updated the both the dependancies and the development dependancies. Updated the specs to remove deprecations caused by the latest version of RSpec.

My main motivation of this was to allow the dependancy of the json gem to be something other than ~> 1.7.5. (Namely I wanted to be able to use json 1.8.0 in a project of mine with this in my Gemfile).

This is a pretty big PR relative to the size of the gem so let me know if it's too much and I should die in a 🔥


technicalpickles commented Aug 28, 2013

These look like good changes, but it's a lot easier to merge smaller targeted pull requests. It looks like you switched out jeweler for bundler as part of this. It's probably fine, but probably worth mentioning it as it affects how the gem is released.

I'd also suggest reverting the version bump, as that should be done separate from pull requests.

Soliah commented Aug 28, 2013

Would you prefer multiple pull requests, or me splitting out the commits in this PR?

Soliah added some commits Aug 29, 2013

Update dependancies
- Updated Gemfile to use gemspec to find dependancies
- Updated spec helper for RSpec 2.14

Soliah commented Aug 29, 2013

I didn't bother sending separate PR's as there would be some inconsistent states for each of the above commits (though I did run specs for each commit and they did pass).

I think it makes sense to merge this in as a single merge commit.

Soliah added some commits Aug 29, 2013

Structure gem with more recent idioms
- Adds a module definition in the root of lib
- Adds a version constant for use in the gemspec

kirs commented Aug 29, 2013

@Soliah 👍

@Soliah Soliah closed this Oct 28, 2015

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