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Macro to emulate a MySQL enum_field type thing.


This plugin encapsulates a validates_inclusion_of and automatically gives you a few more goodies automatically. That's it!

class Computer < ActiveRecord:Base
  enum_field :status, ['on', 'off', 'standby', 'sleep', 'out of this world']

  # Optionally with a message to replace the default one
  # enum_field :status, ['on', 'off', 'standby', 'sleep', 'out of this world'], :message => "incorrect status"


This will give you a few things:

  • add a validates_inclusion_of with a simple error message (“invalid #{field}”) or your custom message

  • define the following query methods, in the name of expressive code:

    • on?

    • off?

    • standby?

    • sleep?

    • out_of_this_world?

  • define the STATUSES constant, which contains the acceptable values


Copyright © 2008 James Golick, released under the MIT license

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