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Minor correction in readme (command lines for running rake tasks were…

… borked)

Signed-off-by: Norman Clarke <>
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Philip (flip) Kromer authored and norman committed May 10, 2009
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@@ -270,16 +270,16 @@ an older version of FriendlyId. Here's how to set it up.
4) If you are using slugs, you can use a Rake task to generate slugs for your
existing records:
-friendly_id:make_slugs MODEL=MyModelName
+rake friendly_id:make_slugs MODEL=MyModelName
If you eventually want to expire old slugs every so often, or perhaps every
day via cron, you can do:
+rake friendly_id:remove_old_slugs
The default is to remove dead slugs older than 45 days, but is configurable:
-rake:friendly_id:remove_old_slugs MODEL=MyModelName DAYS=60
+rake friendly_id:remove_old_slugs MODEL=MyModelName DAYS=60
== Installing an older version
@@ -321,7 +321,7 @@ Add this to the bottom of environment.rb:
==== Generate the upgrade migration and run it
- ./script generate friendly_id_20_upgrade
+ ./script/generate friendly_id_20_upgrade
rake db:migrate
== Hacking FriendlyId:

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