Eliminate "WARNING: 'require 'rake/rdoctask'' is deprecated" when utilizing 'rake install' #215

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Hello, development of the Jeweler is currently suspended. Successor is Jeweler2 at https://github.com/appoxy/jeweler. I've merged your branch to my development branch and I will pull it to the Jeweler2 repository. Should be well to patch directly that project in the future. In each case, thanks for your contribution.


@skottler these commits missed the features over at features/generator/rakefile.feature. No big deal though, I fixed them and was able to merge everything cleanly :)

@martinkozak we spoke on email, and I don't recall saying jeweler was suspended, nor was jeweler2 an official successor. I'll be following up again with @appoxy to get things rolling for jeweler2 to come back home to jeweler.

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