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New collaborators, welcome! #22

technicalpickles opened this Issue Mar 13, 2013 · 0 comments

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Regretfully, I haven't been using this library for my day to day work for awhile, so it's been a bit under maintained for awhile. Sorry about that 😞

I had been thinking about this problem at lot recently, having projects that I'm not actively working on or interested in working on, and came across The Pull Request Hack, and this seems basically like a briallant idea. Therefore, we try it here 😄

I think I've added everyone who has every sent a pull request. There is still the matter of the gem pushing, so if you can let me know rubygems logins or email accounts, I can add there. Or, ping me on a new issue, but with question mark expectation on pushing it.

Lastly, I won't say too much on how to work with other collaborators, but I would still suggest feature branches and pull requests for discussion, rather than just going off master. That's just my 0.05 💵 though.

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New collaborators wanted! #10

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