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A command line tool for dealing with your (GitHub) issues.

Install it:

$ sudo gem install technicalpickles-therapist

It works by guessing groking a git repository to figure out the user and repository on GitHub, and then hitting their API to get the issues. The issues get stashed in .git/issues to avoid constantly hitting the API, and for offline convenience.

Here's how you might use it:

$ cd jeweler
$ therapist list
#1     open: Windows Compatibility
#2     open: remove jeweler tasks' dependence on rake i.e. to allow thor to use the tasks
#6     open: Project creation failing (adding origin remote)
#8     open: rubyforge:release failing because no processor_id or release_id configured for
#9     open: rake rubyforge:setup creates duplicate packages
#13    open: GitHub Pages - RDoc to Branch
#16    open: 'rake release' not idempotent after failure
#18    open: RDoc rake task looks for VERSION.yml but plaintext is now default
#19    open: Jeweler can not read my ~/.gitconfig
#20    open: The Umlaut problem: UTF-8 chars get converted to unicode entities
#21    open: generating new project double quotes author and e-mail in Rakefile
#22    open: no such file to load -- shoulda (LoadError)
#23    open: .gitignore files showing up in s.test_files section of gemspec

Knowing an issue you want to look in, you can show more details:

$ therapist show 22
#22 open: no such file to load -- shoulda (LoadError)

user   : thopre
created: Sat Jul 04 06:03:35 -0400 2009
updated: Sat Jul 04 06:03:35 -0400 2009
votes  : 0

I get these errors when i try to do a 'rake test':

<snipped for brevity>


* Issues only ever get fetchd once. They should get stale after a while, or you should be able to force a download
* Was built as a 1 hour spike before Railscamp NE, so no tests yet


Copyright © 2009 Josh Nichols. See LICENSE for details.