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A port of the Hershey engraving fonts to JSON for JavaScript/SVG
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Hershey Text JS

A port of the EMSL Hershey engraving font data from the Hershey Text Inkscape Plugin to JSON, capable of being rendered quickly via JavaScript & SVG.

This includes an quickly written example renderer, see the demo on the live github page to give it a try!

Node.js Usage

Install via npm install hersheytext, then include in your node script with var hersheyText = require('hersheytext');. This will give you access to the fonts at hersheyText.fonts, EG hersheyText.fonts['futural'].chars[2]. The chars[n].d string value can be put directly into the d attribute within a <path> SVG element, or imported to a Paper.js path.

See hersheytest.js for more usage examples, check lib/hersheytext.js for full function documentation.

JSON data Public Domain, All other code MIT Licensed.

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