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For programming the ATtiny10/9/5/4. For more information see

This is a minimal Arduino core for programming the ATtiny10/9/5/4. It doesn't include any Arduino functions pinMode(), millis(), etc.

Note: Version 2.0.0 of the ATtiny10Core now adopts the standard Arduino convention of setup() and loop() functions.

Supported programmers

  • USBasp

Supported IDE versions

ATtiny10Core should work with all versions of the official IDE (from from version 1.6.3 onwards. It has been tested with the latest version, 1.8.13.

Boards Manager Installation

Some versions of the avr-gcc compiler are incompatible with the ATtiny10, which caused problems with the original version of this core which used manual installation.

By using Boards Manager Installation this new version of the ATtiny10Core is able to specify which compiler version to use, which should solve these problems.

  • If you have the original version of this core in your Arduino hardware folder, delete it.
  • Open the Arduino IDE.
  • Open the File > Preferences menu item.
  • Enter the following URL in the Additional Boards Manager URLs dialog box:

  • Open the Tools > Board > Boards Manager... menu item.
  • Type ATTiny10 into the Filter your search... box.
  • In the ATTiny10 panel click Install.
  • After installation is complete close the Boards Manager window.


For example programs for the ATtiny10 see File > Examples.


For a tutorial on programming the ATtiny10 see:

Programming the ATtiny10

For some other examples see:

ATtiny10 Thermometer

ATtiny10 Thermometer PCB

ATtiny10 POV Pendant

Supported chip variants:

  • ATtiny10
  • ATtiny9
  • ATtiny5
  • ATtiny4