For programming the ATtiny10/9/5/4.
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For programming the ATtiny10/9/5/4. For more information see

This is a boards.txt file that adds options to the Arduino IDE's Board menu for programming the ATtiny10/9/5/4. It doesn't include an Arduino core, so there is no support for Arduino functions pinMode(), millis(), etc.

Supported IDE versions

ATtiny10Core should work with all versions of the official IDE (from from version 1.6.3 onwards. Version 1.8.3 is recommended.


Download the .zip, extract it, and place it in the hardware folder inside the Arduino folder in your Documents folder. If there is no hardware folder, create it first.

Supported chip variants:

  • ATtiny10
  • ATtiny9
  • ATtiny5
  • ATtiny4