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A simple DataFlash library for sequential reading and writing.
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Simple DataFlash

A simple DataFlash library for sequential reading and writing. For more information, and the circuit for a simple DataFlash board, see:

The DataFlash library consists of the following seven routines:


Must be called once to set up the I/O lines to interface with the DataFlash chip. It returns true if the flash chip was found successfully.


Call this once before writing to the DataFlash. It erases the entire DataFlash chip and sets the address pointer to the start of the chip.

DataFlash.WriteByte(uint8_t byte)

Writes a byte of data to the next DataFlash memory location.


Call this once after writing to the DataFlash.

DataFlash.BeginRead(unsigned long addr)

Call this once before reading from the DataFlash with the start address for reading.


Reads and returns a byte of data from the next DataFlash memory location.


Call this once after reading from the DataFlash.

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