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A version of the LiquidCrystal library for the Spark Core.
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LiquidCrystal.h Added support for OLED Displays Mar 2, 2014 Initial Release Mar 2, 2014


An Implementation of Arduino's LiquidCrystal library for the Spark Core

Universally Supports:

  • Standard Hitachi HD44780 based LCDs in 4-bit mode
  • Adafruit's 16x2 OLED Display (Winstar)
  • Sparkfun's 16x2 OLED Display (ADH Technology Co. Ltd.)

Grab the RAW version of each file and place into your web IDE as follows:


If you are building locally, place the files here:

..\core-firmware\src\application.cpp (renamed from Spark-HelloSparky.cpp)
..\core-firmware\src\ (optional, if you have your own make file going, just add the LiquidCrystal.cpp to it)
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