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NB. work in progress.

Project Goto er en "sublime project manager" som gir utviklere kjappe snarveger for å bare gå dit en trenger, akkurat nå. Man bruker goto fra terminalen(alle os), fra spotlight (osx) eller fra slick-run (windows).
Goto is a magic tool that takes you were you want to be, now.

For eksempel:
Projects have their own folders, important files, links to good articles or key websites.
The problem is that all these are spread out on different locations.
By adding shortcuts to goto, so called magic words, you can jump to them.
The shortcuts are assciated with a project name. And you can switch the project
any time.

In example:

goto visualstudio --> åpner solution for det aktive prosjektet i visual studio
goto jira --> åpner jira boardet for det aktive prosjektet
goto bitbucket --> bitbucket for prosjektet.
goto visualstudio --> Opens the solutionfile for the vs solutions file of the current project
goto jira --> Opens a jira board for the current project
goto bitbucket --> bitbucket repo for the current project

## Setup

### Mac OS-X

## Setup (OS-X/linux)
Please note no sudo

git clone
cd goto
sudo ./

### Linux
Please note the added sudo

## Setup (Windows using gitbash)
# open git bash as Administrator
git clone
cd goto
sudo ./

### Windows (using gitbash)
# open git bash as Administrator
git clone
cd goto
# If asked anything, say yes
Now you can test it. No need to close the terminal.
@@ -35,38 +52,74 @@ goto goto

## Usage

The basics
- Adding a shortcut: goto add <magicword> <url or path>
- Updating a shortcut: goto update <magicword> <url or path>
- Removing a shortcut: goto rm <magicword>
- Show url of shortcut: goto show <magicword>
- Listing all shortcuts: goto list
- With the urls printed: goto list -v
Working with folders and files:
- cd in terminal: goto cd <magicword>
- open folder in Finder: goto -f <magicword>
code - A specially magic magic word:
If you add a shortcut
to a folder,and name the
shortcut "code"; goto add code <path to folder with code>
- you may then do this: goto subl
and it opens
Sublime Text in your folder.

#### Hvordan vet Goto hvilket prosjekt som er aktivt?
#### How does Goto know which project is the active one?

Du forteller det med kommandoen: project <project-name>
You tell goto with this command: `project <project-name>`

Eksempler: project sylvsmidja | project bankid | project goto
Examples: project django-blog | project website | project goto

#### Hvordan vet Goto om hvilke prosjekter som finnes?
#### How does Goto know which projects exists?

Du forteller det med kommandoen:
You tell Goto with the command:

project add <project-name>
`project add <project-name>`

#### Hvordan vet Goto om hvilke snarveger som finnes i prosjektet?
#### How does Goto know which shortcuts there are in the project?

Du definerer dem en gang, og bruker dem 1000 ganger deretter. Dette med kommandoen:
Define them once, and use them a thousand times. By this command:

goto add <magic-word> <URI>
`goto add <magic-word> <URI>`

Når et prosjekt er aktivt, husker goto hvilket prosjekt du tenker på akkurat nå. Dermed gir det mening å kalle snarvegen for visualstudio, for det da implsitt betyr at det er snakk om solutionen for dette prosjektet. F.eks sylvsmidja.
A magic-word is the name of your shortcut.


goto add jira
`goto add github`
`goto add music ~/the/sound/of/music`
`goto add jira`

Full kommando dersom man vil være spesifikk:
First one adds a url to a repo on github relevant to the project.
The second one adds a folder path.

goto add [-p <project-name>] <magic-word> <URI>
When you activate a project, Goto remembers which project you are thinking about right now.

Then it makes sense to call the shortcut visualstudio, because it implicit means the visual studio project associated with this project.


goto add jira

@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@ fi

if [ "$1" = "help" ]
then _usage
exit 1

@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
rm -rf /usr/local/opt/goto
rm /usr/local/bin/goto
rm /usr/local/bin/project
rm /usr/local/bin/start_goto
rm /usr/local/bin/_gotoutils

echo "remove the line: source start_goto from your bash config file"
echo "(most likely .bash_profile or .bashrc in your home folder)"
echo " Also, your data in ~/.goto is not deleted"

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