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Sublime Text 2 plugin for creating new Gists from selected text
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A Sublime Text 2 plugin for creating and editing Gists.


Package Control

Install Package Control. Gist will show up in the package list. This is the recommended installation method.

Manual installation

Go to the "Packages" directory (Preferences / Browse Packages…). Then clone this repository:

git clone git://


If you're using OS X and have a keychain entry for, no configuration is needed. Otherwise, edit the settings file (it should open automatically the first time you use a Gist command). Note you must specifiy either username AND password or token.

  • "username": ""

    You can enter your GitHub username here

  • "password": ""

    You can enter your GitHub password here

  • "token": ""

    You can enter your GitHub token here. To generate a token, see "Generating Access Tokens"

  • "https_proxy": http://user:pass@proxy:port

    You can enter https proxy here Format: "http://user:pass@proxy:port"

  • "enterprise": false

    Set this to true if you want to use a enterprise version of github instead of

  • "url": ""

    Set the url of the enterprise version of github you want to use. Leave this blank if the enterprise option is set to false.

  • "max_gists": 100

    Set the maximum number of Gists that can will fetched by the plugin. It can't be higher than 100, because of GitHub API limitations.

  • "gist_prefix": ""

    Limit the Gists displayed in the Open Gist list by prefix. Leave blank to display all Gists. Example: "gist_prefix": "Snippet:" will only list Gists with names starting with the text Snippet:.


All functionality of the plugin is available in the Tools / Gist menu and in the command pallette.

Creating Gists

Use the Gist / Create Public Gist or Gist / Create Private Gist commands. If you don't have anything selected, a Gist will be created with contents of current file, URL of that Gist will be copied to the clipboard and then the file will switch to Gist editing mode. If you have selected some text, a Gist will be created using only that text and then immediately opened for editing. In case of multiple selections, you'll get one Gist with multiple files.

Editing existing Gists

Use the Gist / Open Gist command to see a list of your Gists. Selecting one will open the files from that Gist in new tabs. You can then edit the files normally and use Gist / Update File to update the Gist, or use other commands to change Gist description, remove or rename files, or delete the Gist.

Adding new files to existing Gists

Use the Gist / Add File To Gist command to see a list of your Gists. Selecting one will add contents of current file as a new file to that Gist and switch the file to Gist editing mode.

Default key bindings:

Create Public Gist

  • Windows and Linux: Ctrl+K Ctrl+I
  • OS X: Cmd+K Cmd+I

Create Private Gist

  • Windows and Linux: Ctrl+K Ctrl+L
  • OS X: Cmd+K Cmd+L

Update File

  • Windows and Linux: Ctrl+K Ctrl+S
  • OS X: Cmd+K Cmd+S

Open Gist

  • Windows and Linux: Ctrl+Shift+G
  • OS X: Ctrl+Cmd+G

Insert Gist

  • Windows and Linux: "ctrl+shift+alt+g"
  • OS X: "ctrl+shift+super+g"

Generating Access Token

Adapted from here Open up a Terminal window/shell (on OS X, Linux or Cygwin), and run:

curl -u username -d '{"scopes":["gist"]}'

where username is your GitHub username. You'll be prompted for your password first. Then you'll get back a response that includes a 40-digit "token" value (e.g. 6423ba8429a152ff4a7279d1e8f4674029d3ef87). Go to Sublime Text 2 -> Preferences -> Package Settings -> Gist -> Settings - User, and insert the token there. It should look like:

    "token": "6423ba8429a152ff4a7279d1e8f4674029d3ef87"

Restart Sublime.



Authors: Dmitry Budaev, Alexey Ermakov

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