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* This Apps Script opens up a spreadsheet, which has an attached form, by its ID.
* It creates a dashboard populated with controls and charts to enable visualization
* of the submitted form data.
* @author Kalyan Reddy (
function doGet() {
// Open the form-attached spreadsheet by ID.
// If the URL is,
// the ID is 0Aq4s9w_HxMs7dGVtVGtTVWVlLV9PbnM5elktTVRFSVE
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById('0Aq4s9w_HxMs7dGVtVGtTVWVlLV9PbnM5elktTVRFSVE');
// Get the entire data range (all form entries).
var data = ss.getDataRange();
// Create various types of filter controls for the chart.
var ageFilter = Charts.newNumberRangeFilter().setFilterColumnIndex(2).build();
var transportFilter = Charts.newCategoryFilter().setFilterColumnIndex(3).build();
var nameFilter = Charts.newStringFilter().setFilterColumnIndex(1).build();
// Create a table chart and look at only columns 1, 2, 3, and 4.
var tableChart = Charts.newTableChart()
// Create a pie chart and look at only columns 1 and 4.
var pieChart = Charts.newPieChart()
// Create a dashboard to bind the filters to the charts.
var dashboard = Charts.newDashboardPanel().setDataTable(data)
.bind([ageFilter, transportFilter, nameFilter], [tableChart, pieChart])
// Create a UiApp to display the dashboard in.
var app = UiApp.createApplication();
var filterPanel = app.createVerticalPanel();
var chartPanel = app.createHorizontalPanel();
return app;