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A special thanks to those who satisfied my penchant for laziness by e-mailing me with updates:

  • Noah M. Daniels
  • Neil Mitchell
  • Sjoerd Visscher
  • Daniel Wagner
  • "He who wishes not to be named"

This is a transcription of the list of accepted papers to ICFP'12. I don't like lists that don't have hyperlinks, so this is my attempt to hyperlink-all-the-things.

This is all very unofficial.

If you know where a paper is that I couldn't find, let me know in #haskell, submit a pull request, or e-mail me. If you are the author of one of these papers and want the link retracted (for whatever reason), let me know. If there is only one affiliation for several listed authors, then it may be the case that they all share the same affiliation. It also may not be the case.

Elaborating Intersection and Union Types

  • Joshua Dunfield (MPI-SWS)

A Meta-Scheduler for the Par-Monad: Composable Scheduling for the Heterogeneous Cloud

  • Adam Foltzer
  • Abhishek Kulkarni
  • Rebecca Swords
  • Sajith Sasidharan
  • Eric Jiang
  • Ryan R. Newton (Indiana University)

Shake Before Building - Replacing Make with Haskell

  • Neil Mitchell

Experience Report: a Do-It-Yourself High-Assurance Compiler

  • Lee Pike (Galois, Inc.)
  • Nis Wegmann (University of Copenhagen)
  • Sebastian Niller (Unaffiliated)
  • Alwyn Goodloe (NASA)

Transporting Functions across Ornaments

  • Pierre-Evariste Dagand
  • Conor McBride (MSP group, University of Strathclyde)

Automatic Amortised Analysis of Dynamic Memory Allocation for Lazy Functional Programs

  • Pedro Vasconcelos
  • Hugo Simoes
  • Mario Florido (Universidade do Porto)
  • Steffen Jost (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munich)
  • Kevin Hammond (University of St Andrews)

Verified Heap Theorem Prover by Paramodulation

  • Gordon Stewart
  • Lennart Beringer
  • Andrew W. Appel (Princeton University)

Pure Type Systems with Corecursion on Streams

Unavailable as of July 4th 2012

A Traversal-based Algorithm for Model Checking Recursion Schemes with Cases

  • Robin P. Neatherway
  • C.-H. Luke Ong
  • Steven J. Ramsay (University of Oxford)

Unavailable as of July 4th 2012

Experience Report: Haskell in Computational Biology

Functional Programming with Structured Graphs

  • Bruno Oliveira (Seoul National University)
  • William R. Cook (University of Texas, Austin)

Nested Data-Parallelism on the GPU

  • Lars Bergstrom
  • John Reppy (University of Chicago)

Deconstraining DSLs

  • Will Jones (Department of Computing, Imperial College London)
  • Tony Field
  • Tristan Allwood (Department of Computing, Imperial College London)

Formal Verification of Monad Transformers

Related (cites ^):

MetaHaskell: Type Safe Heterogeneous Metaprogramming

  • Geoffrey Mainland (Microsoft Research)

Introspective Pushdown Analysis of Higher-order Programs

  • Christopher Earl (University of Utah)
  • Ilya Sergey (KU Leuven)
  • Matthew Might (University of Utah)
  • David Van Horn (Northeastern University)

Unavailable as of July 4th 2012

On the Complexity of Equivalence of Specifications of Infinite Objects

Unavailable as of July 4th 2012

Efficient Lookup-Table Protocol in Secure Multiparty Computation

[Unavailable as of July 4th 2012]( Lookup-Table Protocol in Secure Multiparty Computation)

Proof-Producing Synthesis of ML from Higher-Order Logic

  • Magnus O. Myreen
  • Scott Owens (University of Cambridge)

Propositions as Sessions

  • Philip Wadler (University of Edinburgh)

Work Efficient Higher Order Vectorisation

  • Ben Lippmeier
  • Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
  • Gabriele Keller
  • Roman Leshchinskiy (University of New South Wales)
  • Simon Peyton Jones (Microsoft Research Ltd)

A generic abstract syntax model for embedded languages

  • Emil Axelsson (Chalmers University of Technology)

Equality proofs and deferred type errors (A compiler pearl)

  • Dimitrios Vytiniotis
  • Simon Peyton Jones (Microsoft Research Cambridge)
  • José Pedro Magalhães (Utrecht University)

Painless programming combining reduction and search. Design principles for embedding decision procedures in high-level languages.

[Unavailable as of July 4th 2012]( Lookup-Table Protocol in Secure Multiparty Computation)

An Error-Tolerant Type System for Variational Lambda Calculus

  • Sheng Chen
  • Martin Erwig
  • Eric Walkingshaw (Oregon State University)

[Unavailable as of July 4th 2012]( Lookup-Table Protocol in Secure Multiparty Computation)

Practical Typed Lazy Contracts

Superficially Substructural Types appendix

  • Neelakantan R. Krishnaswami (MPI-SWS)
  • Aaron Turon (Northeastern University)
  • Derek Dreyer and Deepak Garg (MPI-SWS)

Functional Programs that Explain their Work

  • Roly Perera and Umut A. Acar (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)
  • James Cheney (University of Edinburgh)
  • Paul Blain Levy (University of Birmingham)

Operational Semantics Using the Partiality Monad, also slides from a presentation

  • Nils Anders Danielsson (Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg)

Typing unmarshalling without marshalling types

[Unavailable as of July 4th 2012]( Lookup-Table Protocol in Secure Multiparty Computation)

Submitted but not Accepted?

F is for Functor


List of Accepted Papers to ICFP 2012, with Papers (preprints) linked






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