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metamorphisms (aka playing with: (fold, (.), unfold)

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Apart form this README file, the distribution contains nine Haskell files.

(A) These files define the "metamorphic programming" extension to Haskell:

  ADT.hs      --  Functor defs, ADT, fold & transform
  ADTlib.hs   --  A library of constructors and ADTs
  ADTprog.hs  --  Example programs
(B) For some examples the following data structures are needed:

  Tree.hs       --  Just a binary tree definition
  Graph.hs      --  Inductive graph type (see IFL97 or ICFP97 paper)
  GraphData.hs  --  Some example graphs
  Heap.hs       --  Pairing heaps 
  SimpleMap.hs  --  Binary search tree implementation of maps 
  Thread.hs     --  Auxiliary module used in Graph (subject to future change)
(From the Haskell library we use the module Maybe and List. Thus, you should
take care that these modules can be found by hugs.)


Copy all files to a directory where hugs or ghc can find them.
(I tested the programs with Hugs 1.4, June 1998.)
Start hugs and load "ADTprog.hs".


Please email comments, bugs, etc. to

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