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Technologiestiftung Berlin

We develop tools and smart solutions for a more open and sustainable city.

Technologiestiftung Berlin (Technology Foundation Berlin)

Technologiestiftung Berlin is a non-profit foundation committed to supporting sustainable digital change in Germany's capital region. We facilitate open innovation processes with a broad range of urban actors and release all our work under an open license.

Further information & some of our recent projects


  1. giessdenkiez-de giessdenkiez-de Public

    The consequences of climate change, especially the dry and hot summers, are putting a strain on Berlin's ecosystem. Our urban trees are drying out and suffering long-term damage. Gieß den Kiez is m…

    TypeScript 79 31

  2. berlin-open-source-portal berlin-open-source-portal Public

    Showcase of Open Source Software that is built, maintained and/or funded by Berlin state governmental agencies

    Liquid 28 8

  3. erfrischungskarte-frontend erfrischungskarte-frontend Public

    Interactive map of Berlin that shows 🕶 shade areas, 💨 wind and 🌡 temperature intensities across the day

    TypeScript 31 1


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