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Berlin Open Source

Für eine offene Stadt (for an open city)

A prototype to showcase Open Source Software that is built, maintained and/or funded by Berlin state governmental agencies.

We built this prototype in order to make a case for the use of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) in government and to convince the related stakeholders that there is value in making your Open Source infrastructure more visible and accessible.

Adding content

Feel free to make pull requests, we'll review and merge them as soon as we can. Feel free to edit the MarkDown files, if you are unfamilliar with this, the Mastering MarkDown guide is pretty good.

Adding a project

To add a project just create a new markdown file in src/projects/. Take a look at the already existing projects and define your own front matter accordingly.

Example project markdown front matter:

layout: layouts/project.liquid
tags: ["Umwelt"] # optional
id: giessdenkiez
title: Gieß den Kiez
abstract: Alle Berliner Stadtbäume in einer Anwendung
languages: ["Typescript"] # optional
license: MIT # optional
link: # optional
developers: ["Technologiestiftung Berlin"]
backers: ["Senatskanzlei Berlin"]
has-hero: true # optional
has-thumb: true # optional
date: 2021-02-16

If you want your project to be presented with images, you add them in src/assets/images/projects/. Make sure to name your images according to your id value in the markdown front matter, e.g. giessdenkiez_thumb.png or giessdenkiez_hero.jpg.

Optional: After you've created your project, you may run npm run fetch:repos to manually add the latest GitHub repository data to your project page. If you do not do this, don't worry. Repository data is automatically fetched once a day, so you may just need to wait a bit to see your GitHub repository data appear after merge.

Also take a look at our (German-language) contribution guidelines.

Adding an external link

To add a link with external information regarding Open Source software simply create a new markdown file in /src/links/. In order to give your link the right title you should add the title in the front matter. Keep the title short and simple to understand. Also add a short description, link: YOUR-LINK-HERE and tags: document in order to associate the document with the right category.


title: Choose a License
tags: document
Welche Lizenz passt zu meinem Open Source-Projekt?

Installing, running and building

This site is built with Eleventy (11ty).


Install dependencies:

npm install

Start development server:

npm run dev

Building the site

npm run build


For frontend testing we use Cypress and Cypress Testing Library.

Make a test run:

npm run test

Launch test runner in watch mode:

npm run test:watch


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Dennis Ostendorf




Tori Boeck


Benjamin Seibel




Ingo Hinterding


Knud Möller






Timur Çelikel


Denis Yılmaz


Lucas Vogel


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

Content Licencing

Texts and content available as CC BY.


A project by

Supported by


Showcase of Open Source Software that is built, maintained and/or funded by Berlin state governmental agencies