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Data Collection


API requests to receive all current locations of bikes from nextbike, lidlbike and mobike in Berlin (inner circle) and store them into a single database.

Add file to src/ with API Keys for Deutsche Bahn API ( and database credentials.

For access to lime bike API insert phone_no to and follow steps in (three manual steps required).

Data Analysis


Jupyter Notebook to analyse data.

  • preprocess.ipynb contains the preprossing steps of the raw data to a usable format.

    • raw.csv contains the data from the database
    • preprocessed.csv contains the data with added columns and fixed lat / lng
    • routed.csv contains the data with distance and waypoints
    • cleaned.csv is the cleaned routed dataset (unplausible data is removed)
    • pseudonomysed.csv is the anonymized, cleaned data, following this standard
    • pseudonomysed_raw.csv ist the anonymized data (NOT cleaned).
  • analysis.ipynb includes analysis about provider and bike specific data

  • pseudonomysed.ipynb includes analysis using the anonymized dataset (without information on providers.)

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