Projects for Cisco DX, MX, SX and Spark Room systems running the CE 9.x code
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Banking Assistant
Camera Mode Toggle
Sample Code
Support Tool

#CE9-projects Projects for Cisco DX, MX, SX and Room Systems

Further examples and descriptions of some of these projects can be found at

Sample Code

The Sample Code is the code used in the XAPI / Macro intro video on YouTube

Support Tools

Support Tools is a menu that can be added to your system to allow users to contact support via call or through a brief email.

In addition to the XML and JS files you will also need to configure a feedback mechanism to forward along information submitted with the email ticket.

You can configure this from the codec CLI as follows

xcommand HttpFeedback Register FeedbackSlot: 1 Expression: event/userinterface/message/textinput/response Format: JSON ServerUrl: http://<hostname>/<path>

And then verify it with

xstatus HttpFeedback
*s HttpFeedback 1 Expression: "event/userinterface/message/textinput/response"
*s HttpFeedback 1 Format: "JSON"
*s HttpFeedback 1 URL: "http://<hostname>/<path>"
** end


Banking Assistant

Dial shortcuts based on a banking use case. You can make simple changes to get functionality and appearances to suit your applications needs.

Banking Assistant 2.0

The first version of the banking assistant actually had a windows that opened options the end use would select. This was problematic because it created a 2 click work flow. In this version I added multiple buttons directly to the Home Screen that can be pressed directly and the call dialed.

This Version of the assistant was tested with the CE 9.3 version of software.


This is a calculator for use on screen on the DX80.

Currently this is in early BETA with very limited features.

Camera Mode Toggle

The camera mode toggle application is for SX80 codecs running CE 9.3 or later. This code will allow you toggle between Speaker Track and Presenter Track with only a single touch of the screen.

Typically the Camera settings are inside a menu and are not 100% intuitive for all users. There is also the optional "Disconnect_Camera_Reset.js" script that will set the codec back to Speaker Track after t call concludes so the Systems is ready for the next user and the user knows what to expect.