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Case design files

This directory contains design files for a laser cut Atreus case.

  • case_quartered.dxf has spacers split into 4 parts to make it easier to fit everything into a 24 by 12 inch sheet.
  • case.dxf contains the same design but uses a spacer made out one piece.
  • ready-for-ponoko.svg is the file successfully used to make an Atreus case using Ponoko.
  • keys.dxf contains Cherry MX switch holes with 1x1 and 1x1.5 key outlines. They can be used as building blocks for new case designs.

These files are missing the logo.

Unless you’re getting this cut somewhere with size restrictions, you should probably use the .eps files in the parent directory. These also only work with Cherry MX switches, not Matias or Alps.