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OpenSCAD Atreus case design

This directory contains an OpenSCAD script atreus_case.scad that generates Atreus case designs using a number of parameters.

The main parameters are:

  • angle : one half of the angle between the left and the right groups of keys
  • n_rows, n_cols : number of rows and columns to use
  • staggering_offsets : column staggering offsets
  • cable_hole_width : width of the hole for the USB cable
  • hand_separation : distance between the left and the right groups of keys
  • screw_hole_radius : radius of screw holes
  • use_notched_holes (boolean) : whether notched Cherry MX switch holes are desired

See comments in atreus_case.scad for details.

To use, open this script in OpenSCAD, select Compile and Render (CGAL) in the Design menu, then select Export as DXF….

Use Inkscape to convert to SVG, if necessary.

Please note that the OpenSCAD version of the case is not a direct port of the canonical DXF; the screw placement is a little bit different, and the curve of the bottom edge sticks out a bit more.

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