A wrapper for Processing in Clojure.
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Processing for Clojure

This lib is a wrapper for the Processing project. Mixture of Clojure and Processing enables you to do live-coding and experiment easily.

Most of the function are covered; some have a slightly different name than in Java (partly because Clojure is confused by methods of the same arity but different argument types). Most of the constants are accessible.

How To Use It?

Add your core.jar file from the Processing installation to your CLASSPATH.

To use the OpenGL features, you also have to add gluegen-rt.jar, jogl.jar and opengl.jar from the $PROCESSING_DIR/libraries/opengl/library. You also need to pass the argument:


to the JVM.

Then, create a JAR by running ant and also add the resulting file to your CLASSPATH.


The examples directory contains a simple script to get you going.


clj-procesing may not work if you're using add-classpath to put the Processing jars into your CLASSPATH. Please, use a "proper" way to set up your CLASSPATH (eg. with a special script like the clj on Clojure Wiki)

If your're using Clojure's proxy macro, you'll have to define the mouse handling methods to take one argument (which is just an instance of java.awt.event.MouseEvent class) and get all needed information (like mouse position etc) from that object. Also, accessing instance fields of the PApplet class from within proxy doesn't work.


  • docstrings
  • include remaining constants