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(ns clojars.db
(:require [clojure.string :as str]
[ :as io]
[clojars.config :refer [config]]
[korma.db :refer [defdb transaction rollback]]
[korma.core :refer [defentity select group fields order
modifier exec-raw where limit values
raw insert update set-fields]])
(def ^{:private true} ssh-options
(def reserved-names
#{"clojure" "clojars" "clojar" "register" "login"
"pages" "logout" "password" "username" "user"
"repo" "repos" "jar" "jars" "about" "help" "doc"
"docs" "images" "js" "css" "maven" "api"
"download" "create" "new" "upload" "contact" "terms"
"group" "groups" "browse" "status" "blog" "search"
"email" "welcome" "devel" "development" "test" "testing"
"prod" "production" "admin" "administrator" "root"
"webmaster" "profile" "dashboard" "settings" "options"
"index" "files" "releases" "snapshots"})
(def ^{:private true} constituent-chars
(->> [[\a \z] [\A \Z] [\0 \9]]
(mapcat (fn [[x y]] (range (int x) (inc (int y)))))
(map char)
(defn rand-string
"Generates a random string of [A-z0-9] of length n."
(apply str (repeatedly n #(rand-nth constituent-chars))))
(defn ^:dynamic get-time []
(defn bcrypt [s]
(BCrypt/hashpw s (BCrypt/gensalt (:bcrypt-work-factor config))))
(defdb mydb (:db config))
(defentity users)
(defentity groups)
(defentity jars)
(defn write-key-file [path]
(locking (:key-file config)
(let [new-file (File. (str path ".new"))]
(with-open [f (io/writer new-file)]
(doseq [{:keys [user ssh_key]} (select users (fields :user :ssh_key))]
(.write f (str "command=\"ng --nailgun-port 8700 clojars.scp " user
"\"," ssh-options " "
(.replaceAll (.trim ssh_key)
"[\n\r\0]" "")
(.renameTo new-file (File. path)))))
(defn find-user [username]
(first (select users (where {:user username}))))
(defn find-user-by-user-or-email [username-or-email]
(first (select users (where (or {:user username-or-email}
{:email username-or-email})))))
(defn find-groupnames [username]
(map :name (select groups (fields :name) (where {:user username}))))
(defn group-membernames [groupname]
(map :user (select groups (fields :user) (where {:name groupname}))))
(defn jars-by-username [username]
(select jars
(where {:user username})
(group :group_name :jar_name)))
(defn jars-by-groupname [groupname]
(select jars
(where {:group_name groupname})
(group :jar_name)))
(defn recent-versions
([groupname jarname]
(select jars
(modifier "distinct")
(fields :version)
(where {:group_name groupname
:jar_name jarname})
(order :created :desc)))
([groupname jarname num]
(select jars
(modifier "distinct")
(fields :version)
(where {:group_name groupname
:jar_name jarname})
(order :created :desc)
(limit num))))
(defn count-versions [groupname jarname]
(-> (exec-raw [(str "select count(distinct version) count from jars"
" where group_name = ? and jar_name = ?")
[groupname jarname]] :results)
(defn recent-jars []
(select jars
(group :group_name :jar_name)
(order :created :desc)
(limit 5)))
(defn find-jar
([groupname jarname]
(or (first (select jars
(where (and {:group_name groupname
:jar_name jarname}
(raw "version not like '%-SNAPSHOT'")))
(order :created :desc)
(limit 1)))
(first (select jars
(where (and {:group_name groupname
:jar_name jarname
:version [like "%-SNAPSHOT"]}))
(order :created :desc)
(limit 1)))))
([groupname jarname version]
(first (select jars
(where (and {:group_name groupname
:jar_name jarname
:version version}))
(order :created :desc)
(limit 1)))))
(defn add-user [email username password ssh-key]
(insert users
(values {:email email
:user username
:password (bcrypt password)
:ssh_key ssh-key
:created (get-time)
;;TODO: remove salt field
:salt ""}))
(insert groups
(values {:name (str "org.clojars." username)
:user username}))
(write-key-file (:key-file config)))
(defn update-user [account email username password ssh-key]
(update users
(set-fields {:email email
:user username
:salt ""
:password (bcrypt password)
:ssh_key ssh-key})
(where {:user account}))
(write-key-file (:key-file config)))
(defn add-member [groupname username]
(insert groups
(values {:name groupname
:user username})))
(defn check-and-add-group [account groupname]
(when-not (re-matches #"^[a-z0-9-_.]+$" groupname)
(throw (Exception. (str "Group names must consist of lowercase "
"letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores "
"and full-stops."))))
(let [members (group-membernames groupname)]
(if (empty? members)
(if (reserved-names groupname)
(throw (Exception. (str "The group name "
" is already taken.")))
(add-member groupname account))
(when-not (some #{account} members)
(throw (Exception. (str "You don't have access to the "
groupname " group.")))))))
(defn- add-jar-helper [account {:keys [group name version
description homepage authors]}]
(check-and-add-group account group)
(insert jars
(values {:group_name group
:jar_name name
:version version
:user account
:created (get-time)
:description description
:homepage homepage
:authors (str/join ", " (map #(.replace % "," "")
(defn update-jar [account {:keys [group name version
description homepage authors]}]
(let [[{:keys [promoted_at]}] (select jars (fields :promoted_at)
(where {:group_name group
:jar_name name
:version version}))]
(when promoted_at
(throw (Exception. "Already promoted."))))
(update jars
(set-fields {:user account
:created (get-time)
:description description
:homepage homepage
:authors (str/join ", " (map #(.replace % "," "")
(where {:group_name group
:jar_name name
:version version})))
(defn- validate [x re message]
(when-not (re-matches re x)
(throw (Exception. (str message " (" re ")")))))
(defn add-jar [account jarmap & [check-only]]
;; We're on purpose *at least* as restrictive as the recommendations on
;; If you want loosen these please include in your proposal the
;; ramifications on usability, security and compatiblity with filesystems,
;; OSes, URLs and tools.
(validate (:name jarmap) #"^[a-z0-9_.-]+$"
(str "Jar names must consist solely of lowercase "
"letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores."))
;; Maven's pretty accepting of version numbers, but so far in 2.5 years
;; bar one broken non-ascii exception only these characters have been used.
;; Even if we manage to support obscure characters some filesystems do not
;; and some tools fail to escape URLs properly. So to keep things nice and
;; compatible for everyone let's lock it down.
(validate (:version jarmap) #"^[a-zA-Z0-9_.+-]+$"
(str "Version strings must consist solely of letters, "
"numbers, dots, pluses, hyphens and underscores."))
(if check-only
(do (rollback)
(add-jar-helper account jarmap))
(add-jar-helper account jarmap))))
(defn quote-hyphenated
"Wraps hyphenated-words in double quotes."
(str/replace s #"\w+(-\w+)+" "\"$0\""))
(defn search-jars [query & [offset]]
;; TODO make search less stupid, figure out some relevance ranking
;; scheme, do stopwords etc.
(let [r (exec-raw [(str "select jar_name, group_name from search where "
"content match ? "
"order by rowid desc "
"limit 100 "
"offset ?")
[(quote-hyphenated query)
(or offset 0)]]
;; TODO: do something less stupidly slow
(vec (map #(find-jar (:group_name %) (:jar_name %)) r))))
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