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(ns clojure-http.client
(:use [ :only [as-str]]
[ :only [read-lines spit]]
[clojure.contrib.str-utils :only [str-join]]
[clojure.contrib.base64 :as base64])
(:import ( URL
( StringReader InputStream)))
(def default-headers {"User-Agent" (str "Clojure/" (clojure-version)
" (+"),
"Accept" "*/*",
"Connection" "close"})
(def *connect-timeout* 0)
(def *buffer-size* 1024)
(defn set-system-proxy!
"Java's HttpURLConnection cannot do per-request proxying. Instead,
system properties are used. This function mutates the global setting.
For per-request proxying, use the Apache HTTP client."
[#^String host port]
(doto (System/getProperties)
(.setProperty "http.proxyHost" host)
(.setProperty "http.proxyPort" (str port)))
(defn url-encode
"Wrapper around returning a (UTF-8) URL encoded
representation of argument, either a string or map."
(if (map? arg)
(str-join \& (map #(str-join \= (map url-encode %)) arg))
(URLEncoder/encode (as-str arg) "UTF-8")))
(defn- send-body
[body #^HttpURLConnection connection headers]
(.setDoOutput connection true)
;; This isn't perfect, since it doesn't account for
;; different capitalization etc.
(when (and (map? body)
(not (contains? headers "Content-Type")))
(.setRequestProperty connection
(.connect connection)
(let [out (.getOutputStream connection)]
(string? body) (spit out body)
(map? body) (spit out (url-encode body))
(instance? InputStream body)
(let [bytes (make-array Byte/TYPE *buffer-size*)]
(loop [#^InputStream stream body
bytes-read (.read stream bytes)]
(when (pos? bytes-read)
(.write out bytes 0 bytes-read)
(recur stream (.read stream bytes))))))
(.close out)))
(defn #^URL url
"If u is an instance of then returns it without
modification, otherwise tries to instantiate a with
url as its sole argument."
(if (instance? URL u)
(URL. u)))
(defn- body-seq
"Returns a lazy-seq of lines from either the input stream
or the error stream of connection, whichever is appropriate."
[#^HttpURLConnection connection]
(read-lines (or (if (>= (.getResponseCode connection) 400)
(.getErrorStream connection)
(.getInputStream connection))
(StringReader. ""))))
(defn- parse-headers
"Returns a map of the response headers from connection."
[#^HttpURLConnection connection]
(let [hs (.getHeaderFields connection)]
(into {} (for [[k v] hs :when k] [(keyword (.toLowerCase k)) (seq v)]))))
(defn- parse-cookies
"Returns a map of cookies when given the Set-Cookie string sent
by a server."
[#^String cookie-string]
(when cookie-string
(into {}
(for [#^String cookie (.split cookie-string ";")]
(let [keyval (map (fn [#^String x] (.trim x)) (.split cookie "=" 2))]
[(first keyval) (second keyval)])))))
(defn- create-cookie-string
"Returns a string suitable for sending to the server in the
\"Cookie\" header when given a clojure map of cookies."
(str-join "; " (map (fn [cookie]
(str #^String (as-str (key cookie))
#^String (as-str (val cookie))))
(defn request
"Perform an HTTP request on URL u."
[u & [method headers cookies body]]
;; This function *should* throw an exception on non-HTTP URLs.
;; This will happen if the cast fails.
(let [u (url u)
#^HttpURLConnection connection
(cast HttpURLConnection (.openConnection u))
method (.toUpperCase #^String (as-str (or method
(.setRequestMethod connection method)
(.setConnectTimeout connection *connect-timeout*)
(doseq [[header value] (conj default-headers (or headers {}))]
;; Treat Cookie specially -- see below.
(when (not (= header "Cookie"))
(.setRequestProperty connection header value)))
(when (and cookies (not (empty? cookies)))
(.setRequestProperty connection
(create-cookie-string cookies)))
(when (.getUserInfo u)
(.setRequestProperty connection
(str "Basic "
(base64/encode-str (.getUserInfo u)))))
(if body
(send-body body connection headers)
(.connect connection))
(let [headers (parse-headers connection)]
{:body-seq (body-seq connection)
:connection connection
:code (.getResponseCode connection)
:msg (.getResponseMessage connection)
:method method
:headers (dissoc headers :set-cookie)
;; This correctly implements case-insensitive lookup.
:get-header #(.getHeaderField connection #^String (as-str %))
:cookies (apply merge (map parse-cookies (headers :set-cookie)))
:url (str (.getURL connection))})))
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